She was an absolute pleasure to work with

“Suzane was our special guest for our annual “Cabin Fever Luncheon”. After low turnout in previous years, we were completely unprepared for the magnitude of response from Suzane’s booking – nearly selling out the 400 capacity room! Attendees described her as “amazing”, “professional”, “funny”, “informative” and “life changing”. She was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. In short, Suzane is a class act, and we look forward to working with her again.”

She is truly authentic.

“Of the approximately thirty skilled mediums I have tested scientifically for more than a decade, Suzane stands out among the best. Not only are her readings typically highly accurate, specific, and meaningful, but she provides the information in a manner that combines love and compassion with strength and convication. Suzane’s books and lectures are sophisticated as well as inspirational. Her integrity and sense of responsibility are exemplary. If anyone has convinced me about the reality of mediumship and the promise of a greater spiritual reality, it is Suzane. I fully support the work of Suzane… I have been present and witnessed her gifted abilities to communicate with the spirit world. She is truly authentic.”

I’ve found Suzane’s work highly effective

“As a judicial psychotherapist when giving a referral, the idea I’d suggest a medium as possibly being a more efficient tool in working through grief would surely cost me my reputation. Though I most often follow conventional approaches, I’ve found Suzane’s work highly effective for clients who are overall non-responsive to traditional grief counseling methods. Without exception, each referred client returned to me exceedingly happy to have worked with Suzane, reporting not only their now thorough belief in the hear-after, but also that their loved one was safe and resolved. My witness to the real, sustained shift in my client’s pain is all the testiment I need.”

Her gift is in the clarity of her message

“Suzane Northrop’s ability as a medium has continued to amaze those who have the opportunity to experience her in action. Whether you are the recipient of a personal message or a student to her teaching about the process, she touches and unites “souls” between the physical and the non-physical. To say that she is a gifted medium undervalues who she is.

Her gift is in the clarity of her message, the compassion of her delivery, her use of humor in her healing, her tenacity to deliver all messages (skeptics included), and most of all, her unique manner to teach and simplify for all of us … the greatest mystery of all … Death.”

Suzane Northrop is an extraordinary, gifted individual

“Suzane Northrop is an extraordinary, gifted individual whose ability to connect with those on the other side has touched many lives. She has been particularly helpful to patients of mine who have been struggling with the loss of a loved one. Through Suzane, these patients have been able to establish a connection with that person, something that is deeply comforting in the difficult process of coming to terms with loss. Over and over again, my patients have been moved and astounded by the power of the connection Suzane provides.”

Her extraordinary powers as a medium transformed me

“Everyday as a psychoanalyst specializing in mind-body disorders, I explore the very nature of consciousness and its limitations. When I met Suzan Northrop nineteen years ago, her extraordinary powers as a medium transformed me both professionally and personally. Her talents have so consistently dazzled me that I have referred countless bereaved patients to Suzane. As a medium, Suzane is truly a healer.

In my professional pursuits as well as my own personal quest, I have encountered many mediums, all of them talented. However Suzane clearly leads the pack in terms of her rare abilities, enormous compassion, and dedication to her clients.”

I cannot tell you how helpful it was to work with Suzane.

“I and my parents met with Suzane in a private session when she was here in Baltimore. Suzane was able to share with us information that gave us (especially my parents) great comfort. They miss their son, my brother, very, very much.

I think that Suzane was able to help us understand that he, and others of our family, that have made the transition from life are not gone, just here in another way and in a way that we can learn to know and understand.

I cannot tell you how helpful (or even moreso… healing and splendid) it was to work and spend time with Suzane.”

I cannot say enough about Suzane’s kindness and competence.

“I cannot say enough about Suzane’s kindness and competence. Hers was the very first reading we had a few years after our son, Michael, took his own life. The session was remarkable in every detail and we came to know that our son had communicated with us.

My wife, Claire, and I were also among the founders of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention some 20 years ago, and we continue to be helpful to other survivors of suicide. For those who ask and have an actual need for a medium because of a loss from whatever cause, we have no hesitance in recommending Suzane.”

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