Happy Holidays!

Awwwww December!  The month of so much going on at every level of our being.  Moments of feeling overwhelmed with all there is to buy, and a time for seeing family members and the many issues that go along with that. Factor in the so-called end of the world in 2012-at least according to some (in my opinion inaccurate) interpretations of the Mayan calendar-and December 2012 promises to be one heck-of-a ride.  And we are already on our way!

Okay kids…slow down and take a few deep breaths.  Remember to be thankful once again for all the good things you have.  For there are many people out there who would want nothing more than to be able to be buying those gifts, or seeing their family once again.  Especially this year, as a result of superstorm Sandy.  Remember those less fortunate, and count your blessings.  And if you are among the victims of Sandy or some other life-changing event, I very much hope that you are getting help and support from those around you who care.

For those who would give anything to be able to buy that very precious child every present in the store but cannot, because tragically, you have lost your son or daughter, I hold a special place for you in my heart.  Please know and remember, the children who have passed are safe, and loved, and happy where they are right now.  And that beautiful place is only a thought away.  Connect and feel their Love, at will.

As we know, one very special way to Love is to care for others. Kudos to those of you who do.  Some of you, I know, go above and beyond the call by caring for those for whom no one else will care for.  You do the job just because it is who you are, and what you are about.  Blessings to all of you who honor the call.

Returning to the Mayan calendar for a moment.  The key date is 12/21/12, and I’m betting there will be a world beyond that point.  I will be traveling to Mexico and the Mayan ruins to greet the winter solstice.  I know in my heart that 2102 is not the end of the world, but more an ending to life as we know it.  Changes await us, as we enter a highly spiritual cycle.  That can and should be a wonderful thing, because as we go through all these changes, our souls will have an opportunity to progress.  And that my friends is why we are here.

I am truly looking forward to being at the Mexican pyramids for the winter solstice.  It is an honor to be part of the Mayan ceremony honoring December 21, 2012.  And a pretty big deal for this homebody, evidenced by the fact that I have agreed to travel around the Christmas holiday, which is very unusual for me.  But…I’ll be doing it because it’s very important to me energy-wise.

May this holiday season of Love be there for all of you to listen, to be, and to welcome. Never stop sharing your Love.  For that is truly what life is all about.  Love-the most basic and yet most significant aspect of our journey.

My holiday wish for all of you is this:  Send and keep sending Love to others, and know that the Love you send is felt by those who very much need to be reminded of the power of Love.


The Voice of Spring

I spoke too fast in my last blog when I expressed hopes of Spring arriving here in March.  I guess instead of going out like a lamb, March has invited Winter to hang around a little longer.  Consider it a reminder that in life, things will happen in their own way and time, regardless of how we try to rush the process.  Even the crocuses who are trying to show their little heads will, like the rest of us, have to go with the rhythm of when Spring 2011 actually does intend to get here.

I like many of you have been sending out positive thoughts and prayers to Japan for that country’s very painful process of rebuilding.  In a way, the tragedy there reminds me of living in NYC in September 2001 and going through 9/11-seeing my beautiful city attacked, resulting in all that loss of life, pain, and suffering.  Totally surreal. Like so many New Yorkers, I know first hand the kind of impact a shocking event like that can create, and that prayers are so important-for those giving and receiving.

Masaru Emoto’s messages of prayer could be just what is needed in his country now.  As many of you know, and as Wikipedia explains, Masaru Emoto is a Japanese author known for his view that if human speech or thoughts are directed at water droplets before they are frozen, images of the resulting water crystals will be “beautiful” or “ugly” depending upon whether the words or thoughts were positive or negative. Emoto says that this effect can be achieved through prayer, music, or by attaching written words to a container of water.  A wonderful metaphor and evidence on the value of staying positive.  And of course, the Japanese will find comfort in their Buddhist traditions during this great time of spiritual as well as physical need.  Please keep the people of Japan in your thoughts and prayers in the weeks and months ahead.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, I had the privilege and honor of speaking in Mexico at the pyramids at Teotihuacan on the March 20 Vernal Equinox.  I had heard that this event was of importance in Mexico, but did not realize that it was such an intensely celebrated holiday.  I was honored and humbled by how the people there embraced me during my stay, and constantly reminded that “El amor nunca muere,” or “Love never dies.”

So as we wait for that voice of Spring to be heard, remember that no matter what is going on in the world, we can always send out our thoughts of Love.  Never doubt that those precious thoughts can and will-like air-travel around the world.