Garden of Love

Most everyone knows my love for nature and what a significant a role it plays in our lives. I often talk about how the seasons are a reflection of our lives, and quite honestly how the seasons mirror how we live our lives.

Living life as a medium, the issue of death and birth are always in the front of my thoughts and how that theme interplays in my life one way or another on a daily basis.

So while working in my garden the other day and admiring what a beautiful garden it is, I was reminded of just one of the important learning’s of life and nature by gardening Organic.

Organic Gardening is truly different from other gardens that are not organically based. One simple, yet important factor I have learned, which all Organic Gardeners know, is that plants grown from Organic seeds grow at a much slower pace than those that have had been sprayed or have added chemicals that alter the growing process to speed up growth.

Of course I am reminded of this fact when I see other gardens where the tomatoes, for instance, from non-organic seeds, now have more vegetables than my own garden.

What does this love of gardening and nature have to do with our lives connected with our loved ones or dps? Everything because Organic Gardens are like our own grieving process, you can’t speed it up. Everyone has to go through their own process in their own rhythm and time. You can’t force your healing trying to add all those chemicals to urge us and telling us to move on, get over it. You can’t force this process anymore than I can make my garden grow “faster”.

I can only nurture the garden with the best soil, feed it and water it when needed.  Nature, God/Goddess does the rest: Sun, rain, good old earth….and yes love…well I add my share of that. It is this that we all must go through, in our own time and space….a little bit like Organic Gardening.