Pausing, Reflecting, and Moving Forward Into Fall

Hello! We are now, as they say, officially in the Fall Equinox which arrived on September 22, 4:02 PM EST.

Oddly, in the Northeast, the summer wasn’t as hot as usual and September felt more like August! We’ll have to see what the rest of Autumn has in store for us.

I do know this – tomatoes like it warm. In my garden, there was a challenge in that regard, but most everything else was fine. Except of course for the destruction of my cucumbers by a family of woodchucks. I’m sure there are many of you out there who can relate. I see you smiling because you know that story!

I have to pause and send prayers to all those impacted by Hurricane Maria if she in fact landed on your or your family’s or friends’ doorsteps. Goodness gracious! Living in NYC, there are many Puerto Rican folks who call NYC their home. My heart goes out to all of them, and their families and friends in Puerto Rico.

Given that Puerto Rico is, like many of the other islands – St. Thomas, St. John, St. Marten, etc. – so very beautiful, it is so very traumatic to see your native land destroyed. Again, I empathize with all those who have been affected by this tragedy, and all the other recent hurricanes. So many devastating storms this time around. Nothing in recent memory can compare.

However, again, as per my calling, I must reiterate: Remember that our loved ones in spirit had their own conflicts and challenges while here, and they faced all that. For many, facing up to those challenges made them stronger. We can learn from that.

Things can be replaced. People cannot. So when our loved ones cross over, there is no need to try and replace them.

And don’t forget that they are still here, there, and everywhere for us, for they have transcended death while transitioning to the Other Side. Connect with them through your dreams, feelings, and intuition. While no “body” here gets out alive (as Jim Morrison once sang), every soul DOES get out alive (Mr. Morrison missed that point). And, since we are spirits having a human experience, remember that death brings us back to our natural state. So, death ain’t nothing to worry about, even if our animal instincts tell us otherwise.

On another note, I was so warmly received recently in Atlanta and Asheville, such beautiful cities. Gotta love those Blue Ridge Mountains. Loved Tarrytown too – will certainly return!

I will mention again, and for as long as I have a voice – Love is, and will always be, our most prominent constant. No matter where I go, no matter what town, city, state, country, or continent, Love is, and always will be, what we all in one way or another know as the Truth in our hearts. Love is our greatest teacher, pervading all of our thoughts and feelings – consciously or subconsciously – throughout our daily lives.

To be sure, we all have different paths to walk, but if you are open to it, Love will be with you every step of the way. Connect to Love, and you will be the better for it.

And again, welcome to Fall, and all it’s glorious colors and changes. As is customary for me, I’ll be returning to California in October, up North and down South. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces once again, and of course I am totally open and happy to meeting and welcome new folks in my travels.

As the old saying goes, we will keep on keeping on!

If You Listen You Will Hear Them

One of the most significant questions I’m asked over and over is, do our loved one in spirit hear us.  I always respond strongly, not only do they hear us but it is their job to connect with us in any way possible. The simple reason, love. The strongest and most important energy in the universe, the force that drives all of us.

Love of course encompasses many things; love or passion that drives one to create, protect what we love or care for. This of course is just a few ways, but not to drift away from the love I want to convey here is, the love that continues after physical death.  Or more the spirit/energy that continues after death.

The big question or fear or whatever else comes into question when we are faced personally by the loss of someone we love or our own mortality. That force that will effect everyone on earth, there is as they say “no escape”. The one thought that most do not want to think about until it hits them personally.

The truth of the matter is; we don’t die.  Yes, we shed our physical bodies, and yes, the thought of not being able to hug or talk in the way we once did with that person will be forever gone on this plane or dimension.  But, that does not mean contact, or connecting is done, just not the way we know it to be without our physical bodies.  And it is our job to understand that difference or the way that that communication can continue for us. Of course, this is assuming we care enough or have the faith to believe that door is possible. Love will  keep that door open to the many possibilities.  I speak about many of them in my books, but your way will be just that, your way.

I can tell you there are deaths one never gets over and children are one of them. I’ve dealt with so many mothers, fathers, grandparents that go through these losses, and I have to say I am always amazed how some, without question continue those connections even after years of their children’s passing.  Of course there are others whose grief can never let that door open, for them I always feel so sad for I know without question, that their children so much want them to know they are near.

I will tell you, there are no rules, or set ways that connection will happen, but I can tell you it will if you but listen. There will be unlimited possibilities. They will come to you in the ways that they know are the ways that you will know it’s them.  However, you are the only one that can take the big leap of faith.

You will find many books out there now where a parent will write about the loss of their child.  Some will be quite simply, how communication happens and how by listening it opens a whole new world.  People whom you think would never write such a book, writes one.

There is such one of these books that just came out recently, Kayak Morning: Reflections on Love, Grief, and Small Boats by Roger Rosenblatt.  It’s a beautiful and poignant story of the loss of his daughter and how his daughter returns to him on his kayak.  He listens in the way he knows best, it is in the quiet of his kayak that he continues to know the way for him.

And he quite literally listens, and knows she will always be with him.