We enter our second month of the New Year, February of course generally thought to be the month of Love due to the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

While the history of St. Valentine is of some mystery, he is said to have been sent to prison and killed for performing marriage ceremonies. For this and other reasons, he is accepted as the patron saint of Love. Read about him very interesting!

We know of course that the Love associated with February 14th is usually romantic love. However, as we also know, there are many kinds of love. Mothers and fathers and grandparents give Valentine cards to their children and grandchildren, for example, as a token of their Love.

“What is Love?” has been the subject of countless poems and writings, but however you describe it, Love is clearly the most powerful force in the universe. Love provides our deepest and most profound connection to the greater whole the God-consciousness, if you will that connects all of us.