Fireflies and the Fourth of July

Happy July!

The Summer Solstice, on June 21 — the longest day of the year — is behind us. It’s now officially Summer. Aside from the calendar, I could still tell that it was summer in NY since I got to sit on my porch and watch the amazing fireflies!

During my work, I saw a family from Connecticut that had recently moved to Florida. The mother was expressing how since moving, she had forgotten how beautiful the fireflies were. That memory brought her back to her childhood in Connecticut. Once again, the amazement of nature.

Fireflies — one of the specialties that only happens for a month or so, and only in certain places. If any of you have never seen or experienced a firefly, you must put it on your summer bucket list!

In life, I am forever shown that the little things are actually the most significant and cherished moments in our lives. Given the importance of sunrises, sunsets, walking on the beach, and/or hiking with someone whom you love while having an amazing conversation . . . these are moments that I’m sure you will remember and cherish forever.

I believe that it’s important that we enjoy each season and its particular beauty. The 4th of July is coming up, if you are inclined to celebrate. And throughout the month of July, we’ll get to wear flip-flops, play a little hooky from work, and be a kid again. Maybe listen to the crickets and be amazed by the stars.

Even in NYC, things are calmer. So many things to do — attend concerts in the park, visit the botanical gardens, walk along the river, etc. And yes, there can be dancing in the street, and at Lincoln Center.

On another note, July does bring up some sadness for those who have connected to others who have passed while in military service, and/or for those who cannot be “at home” for the July 4th weekend. “Grin and bear it,” as they say.

Enjoy the special moments in the now, for we know anything can change on a dime. Yes, “Have some fun in the sun.”

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you again at the end of the month when I’ll be with Thomas John in Baltimore, Mansfield, MA, and Tarrytown. I’ll also be back on Blog Talk Radio and doing another Facebook Live video on Monday, July 8th!

Eating Healthy IS Becoming all the Rage

Happy July!


A friend of mine recently said to me, “Suzane, you are the only person I know who shows your garden to everyone from your Blackberry.”   I just looked at her and thought, “In this day and age of electronic wizardry, is it so strange that a girl from farming stock on both sides her family is sharing with friends that which what she so deeply loves -gardening!” Of course not!


Recently, many people have come up to me and said things like, “I remember when my grandfather had a garden.  When I came home from school, I had so much pleasure eating those berries…” A very healthy way to be!  Why not bring those good old farming days back again?


Thankfully, eating healthy IS becoming all the rage now.  We have food shows and a focus on the garden-to-table experience in so many places.  In my beloved New York City, farmers from all over the tri-state area gather to bring their fresh produce to our farmers markets and high-end restaurants.


Nowadays, you see along the highways and byways: “No farms, No food.”  So, I figure what is and has always been so important to our country and the world over – a focus on farming – should not be strange at all to share via your Blackberry and computer. Call it a grand re-awakening!  Even the first lady has an organic garden at the White House in support of teaching children what it is like to see something grow from seeds.


As I often say, Nature is a total reflection of how we live our lives.  There’s Spring birth, Summer growth, Autumn Harvest, and Winter repose, and then it starts all over again, just like we live our lives in the reincarnation cycle.  Mother Earth is truly our connection to the concept of a spiritual God.


From a more down-to-earth perspective, is it not amazing how when we plant those little seeds in our gardens in March, by harvest time there’s a transformation into incredibly delicious food for the table?  And isn’t it great to know exactly where your food came from?


This July,  celebrate with Mother Nature.  Maybe take a drive to pick blueberries, or visit a local farm like the Dutch Farms to see what goes on there.  It’s all quite wonderful how those folks live totally aligned with Nature.  Along the way, see if you can find a safe place to dip your toes in a creek.  And bring those binoculars because you never know when a majestic hawk or formation of crows will happen by.


If you have a connection to a garden, let me know.  If doable, I’d love to stop by and see your garden.


It’s usually not my style to be away from my garden during the summer but . . . I am pleased to be able to sneak in a visit to Portland and Bend, Oregon where I’ll be doing two seminar events. Check my website for details.


I love Oregon where there are so many organic farms.  Just maybe in-between connecting with all those organic Oregonians, I’ll get to see some of their beautiful gardens!


Happy 4th of July to all”  I’m looking forward to seeing you all in my travels.