Happy New Year 2019!

Welcome to 2019!

As all of you who have followed my newsletter over the years realize, I begin the New Year by introducing the new “Universal Number.” For 2019, the Universal number is {{{{{drum roll}}}}} 3.

Calculating the number of the Universal Year in numerology is determined by adding together the digits of the current Calendar Year, and reducing the sum finally to a single digit. So, the Universal Energy for 2019 is: 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12, and 1 + 2 = 3.

Remember, this is the Universal year. To get your personal year, you would add your day and month of birth to 2019. For example if you were born 4/19, add 4+19 to 2019 and you’d get an 8 personal year, as follows: 4+19+2019 = 35 and 3+5 = 8.

I’m sure there are many who are happy to be saying goodbye to 2018, which had its share of trials and tribulations, leaving many of us emotionally spent. Yes, there were lots of challenges on numerous levels for many folks. Those challenges occurred in various areas of our lives, and prevented some of us from being ourselves for a time.

Perhaps you were one of the folks who recognized a relationship you have outgrown, or discovered that a certain relationship was draining your energy and suffocating your spirit. If so, it was time to let go, and allow your soul to soar.

If you haven’t let go, consider whether now is the time. Look around. There are so many possibilities. Why not free yourself and let go of what no longer works for you? I would suggest that you take a breath and feel that new energy shift, the transition into a new vibration — a Universal 3.

The number 3 also is very significant in other ways, a few “3” examples: Mind, Body, and Spirit; Sun, Moon and Earth; Past, Present and Future; Life, Death and Rebirth; Hope, Charity and Faith.

I have always felt, and will always feel, the importance of energy which is what drives us to make important decisions, change our needs and wants, and determine what shall become more important in our lives going forward.

Knowing in our hearts what’s truly important is crucial. Meanwhile, know in the back of your mind that life can change on a dime. And if an unexpected difficult situation does arise, remember that this can be an opportunity for spiritual growth. Embrace the moment, if you can. Do your best, in any event. And remember of course, that Love is a constant that can help see you through.

So let’s welcome our new energetic year of 2019, and have a little fun. Because the number 3 is about creativity, communication, emotional sensitivity, expression, and socializing. In short, “FUN!” A time to allow our hearts to drive our endeavors, feel more passion, become creative, and infuse more play into our work.

As we venture into 2019, I am, as always, looking forward to seeing so many of you in my upcoming travels. I’ll be returning to Albany, Sturbridge, Fort Lauderdale, and Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA in February. Some places I haven’t visited in a while are also part of my itinerary, including Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.

Also, speaking of events, be sure to join me on my monthly Blog Talk Radio show on Monday, January 7 at 6 pm EST / 3 pm PST. My guest this month will be astrologer Bill Attride. Bill joins me every January to share the astrological outlook for the New Year. Check out this link to listen to the show live on the 7th!

Bring in the New Year with a BANG! if that works for you. Or maybe just extend or accept and invitation to “Enjoy!” In any event, have some “Fun!”

Welcome to 2017 (A “1” Year Numerologically)!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017!

In numerology, 2017 is a “1” year, and representative of the beginning of a new 9-year cycle. 2016, of course, was a “9” year, and the end of the previous cycle.

The way we calculate this is to break down each year to a single digit, by adding all the numbers of the year together. For example: for 2017, 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1. For 2016, 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9.

Take note that this calculation is for the universal year. For your own personal year, add your birth date (day and month) to number 1. For example, if you were born on February 13, i.e., 2/13, you would add 2 + 1 + 3 = 6 + 1 (for 2017) and get “7” as your personal year. My focus in this article will be on the universal cycle.

The start of a new 9-year cycle triggers creativity, learning and growth. It’s truly a time to “plant seeds,” and seek what your heart desires in all areas of your life – career, relationships, money, spirituality, etc. Whatever moves you. 2017, being a “1” year, sets the foundation for the next 9-years.

In numerology, the intentions and foundations you establish during 2017 (preferably early in 2017), can mold the field of potentiality, and set the tone and flow of energy within your life over the forthcoming 9-year cycle.

As you leave the previous 9-year cycle ending in 2016, it’s important to review what did or did not happen during that time frame. And ask yourself, why or why not?

Everything in life has a rhyme and a reason. So while reflecting back over this last cycle, see if you can discover the reasons why certain events occurred. Think about what you might have started in motion at the beginning of the cycle which began in 2008, a tumultuous year for many. Ask, “Where did my efforts lead, and where am I now?” Focus on what was or became important during the 9-year cycle now ending. If you are dissatisfied with where you are now, consider how you may be able to change things going forward.

I’m sure that many of you remember 2008, a year that sent so many of us spiraling into an economic tailspin. Reflect whether and how your life was impacted during that time. See if there are options available now to change things regarding relationships, career, finances, etc. 2017 is a time to dig deep, observe, reflect, and break through if necessary.

Looking back on 2008, I vividly remember so many questions being asked of me at my events regarding our country’s (and the world’s) state of affairs – mostly financial, since so many people lost their homes, their jobs, and their retirement savings. For all of you who went through that, and may still be suffering as a result, I am truly very sorry. It was the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Many people were hurt.

In 2008, when so many people asked me, “What the h*** is going on?” I felt compelled to share that it is always important to focus on what’s truly important to YOU! Despite the economic difficulties around the country and the globe, ask yourself: “How is my health? How are my kids, spouse, old friends, home, etc.? How can I make things better?” In times of crisis, it’s important to put all of that into perspective. And keep in mind, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We’re here to grow spiritually. And crises such as occurred in 2008 can create enormous opportunities for spiritual growth as we stand up to the daunting challenges that may still be impacting us today.

In my experience, those who have hope and faith, and trust that everything will somehow be okay although not the same, have a better chance at navigating through a crisis. I believe that you can, to an extent, create your own reality, especially on a psychological level. How we react to things that occur on this physical plane is crucial. Keep in mind that it’s all part of the human experience which we signed up for, knowing the risks involved, and recognizing that at the end of the journey, our souls will rise above it all.

I’m sure many of you reading this newsletter felt pain during the last 9-year cycle. Kudos to all of you who kept the faith even with so many obstacles in your path. And for those who did not, come on home!

Remember that so much of your own life is in your own hands, and you can control how to react to earthly developments. Better to deal with the cards that are dealt. Turn those lemons into lemonade.

Many people, I know, were paralyzed by fear in 2008. But fear can and will pass. Face it, and stare it down, remembering that challenging times are a good time to teach your children the value of not being able to always get what you want. Often, it’s more important to learn how to reinvent yourself, even if your standard of living is severely impacted.

I was in Staples the other day and the checkout woman spontaneously started telling me that she couldn’t believe how fast time flew, and that last December she had promised herself that she was going to start saving money, but that she wasn’t able to do so then, or even in July or September. Stuff happens! Nevertheless, she expressed that her kids had cars, and that “We’re doing ok.”

She was speaking her thoughts out loud to me, a stranger, for some reason, probably sensing that I might be able to provide some guidance. She said that she believed that she should now start saving. I look at her and said, “You’ll be very happy if you save. You know the expression, ‘Save for a rainy day.’ That’s why we save! There will always be rainy days.”

If you didn’t learn that in 2008, learn it now. It’s nine years later. Ask yourself, have you been able to save? If not, why not? Are you now doing what you want? If not, why not? How can you make things better?

More importantly, has someone important gone from your life? If yes, this may be the time to reinvent yourself, and remember that our departed loved ones stick around and help us as much as they can.

For all those who have lost a loved one dear to them in 2016, please remember to put everything in the right perspective. The first year is the hardest – the first Thanksgiving without a loved one, the first Christmas, the first New Year, etc. Remember that grief is a process, and be positive about the fact that the grief will pass.

Remember while reflecting back on the previous nine years, whom we love, and who loves us. Who was there when we needed a hug, a laugh, or a smile, or words of comfort letting us know that it’s going to be all right. Something I’m very sure many of us have experienced in some way or another over the past nine years.

I recall the Suzy Orman line, “People first, money second,” or the simple quote from Ellen DeGeneres, “Be kind to one another.”

So, in sum, I would suggest, that if you take the time to review in 2017 the last 9-year cycle, you may be amazed, enlightened and/or even amused, at all that has passed, and the good that was there despite all the difficulties – difficulties that were overcome, or that can be overcome, if they still exist.

My dear friend Bill Attride, who is a fine astrologer, will be on my Blog Talk Radio show on January 9th to discuss 2017. If you have the time and are so inclined, give a listen, and maybe call in, to learn what’s likely to manifest in the nine years ahead.

As always, I look forward to seeing so many of you in 2017, a new “1” year. I’ll be traveling to some new places, and reconnecting with those in established venues as we meet once again. Check my website for details.

In closing, let me say that during these past nine years, I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful kind and giving folks along the way. It wasn’t always easy, especially in 2008, but I thank you all for joining me on this journey which continues as we begin a new 9-year cycle.

New Year’s Intentions 2015

A Very Happy New Year, Everyone. Welcome to 2015, a Universal 8 year (2+0+1+5 = 8).

As is said in the Bible, in the book of Ecclesiastes, as noted by Pete Seger and brought to pop prominence by The Byrds, there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.

And everything has a vibration/energy if you will. So as we change years, we change cycles, and the energy turns from one time to another.

So . . . we are now in a Universal 8 year. What exactly does that mean? Well, although interestingly enough, 8 is infinity (standing upright), it also means “as above so below.” What I’ve always found so interesting about an 8 year is that it’s about material, or things or power. But, one thing is for sure, it will be a very different year than 2014 . . . expect some bang for your buck!

While 2014 was more of a quiet and meditative (Universal 7) year, I personally ended 7 going into 8 with tons of social engagements and parties! I expect that to be a prelude to how 2015 will be.

I want to emphasize that the “Universal Year” relates to what can be expected universally. So, while the Universe at large may be going through materialism, you may not be. To calculate what you might be going through would require an analysis of 2015 and how that relates to your personal birth day and year. Personally, I check this out each year for myself. In retrospect, it’s always interesting to look back and see what happened in your last personal year cycle, and observe whether your calculations were correct. It’s all a bit too complicated to get into in this short newsletter.

Although I’ve never been into the “resolution” of a new year perspective, I most certainly do believe in cycles and vibrations, and changes in those cycles. Thus, there will be changes as we move from 2014 to 2015.

I would point out that if there are things you very much want to change or add in your life, then by all means take advantage of the new energy, and beckon it to assist you. You must, however, be conscious of your intent, or expected outcome of whatever it is you want to achieve. This is very important because you must want your goals to happen. Recognize, however, that your goals may not be achieved right away. Brace yourself for moments of doubt, and try to proceed along the lines of faith and courage. Make sure that you really do want your dreams to come true – all things considered – but as the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”

I have over the years had this discussion with so many students, clients, and friends about how we really can manifest our own reality, and put into action what it is we want. Here is a list of just how we can begin to manifest our dreams and desires, and a reminder of what the Universal 8 year is all about. Consider . . .

  1. You know what you want, but ask yourself, “How deep is my desire?” I think you may find it very interesting just to sit down alone and ask, “What do I really what to have happen in 2015?” Whatever it is, you must feel it very deeply or have an emotional inner-connection to that desire. Remember, everything is about energy. Connect with your emotions and deep desires. It is very important to go into your subconscious which affects your thoughts, which in turn attracts that which you want, or the results you want to achieve. You cannot manifest your dreams without a passion for them, in my view. So when asking or focusing on this or that, make sure that you have an emotional bond to that which you wish to connect.
  2. Your motivation. Your motivation may be supportive in numerous ways. The Universe will support you when you’re doing the highest good for all concerned, and/or the planet. When you shift your consciousness from “MY needs or wants” to “What can I give or do to benefit others or the world?” you expand your thoughts, consciousness, and power, and that travels far energetically.
  3. Fears and Beliefs . . . I talk about this factor in detail in my book A Medium’s Cookbook: Recipes for the Soul. There I discuss in full that the two key things that stop us from connecting with our loved ones in Spirit are our fears and beliefs (maybe the latter should be referred to as “disbeliefs”). If you continue to feel the way you feel about not being able to connect with loved ones on the Other Side, or the possibility of whether it can or can’t happen, most often it is because of your fears and belief system. If this is you, this mindset will require some healing on your part, perhaps engaging in forgiveness (which often benefits you more than it does the forgiven person). For example, let’s say you’ve had dreams about your deceased parent but then you remember that he or she was very discouraging and said that you will never be able to achieve a precious goal of yours. Those were powerful negative thoughts being thrust upon you, and you may have to look at them in a forgiving way, considering the mindset of the person from where those negative words arose, in order to make the connection with the parent you still love but who also hurt you so.
  4. Patience. In short, be kind to yourself through this and every journey. Everything happens for a reason, in its own time – though it may take a while to figure out the reason why something happened.
  5. Be in the now! Enjoy where you are now and count your blessings. I know this is a bit of a cliche, but there is a reason cliches last so long – they are often on the money! Being present helps open up more doors for your motivations and the purpose of your process.

Most importantly: ENJOY!

All of these steps can be parts of your spiritual life and help you to begin manifesting whatever it is you want to have happen in 2015. Consider giving it a shot! And may the Force be with you!

Just as a reminder, I always look forward to reconnecting with so many of you I’ve met over the years, and with new folks with whom I may be connecting for the first time. So please feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and questions with me. You can contact me through my website.

As always, I hope everything you want maybe yours. Just be generous in your desires.

Welcome to 2014!

Welcome to 2014! A “Universal 7 Year” because in Numerology, 2+0+1+4 = 7. A Universal 7 Year is regarded as a time to reflect on the past, learn, and grow as we progress into the new year.

I hope everyone enjoyed the end of the year holiday. I am aware for many that this may be a difficult time, and that the “Happy New Year!” greetings can ring hollow. However, for those in that state of mind, be advised that this is a positive time because it forces us in some ways, to be still. What do I mean by that? Well, with all we do – be it work, school, and/or family and personal obligations – things are often a matter of robotic routine. So it’s good to break out of that.

People here in America actually work more hours per year than people in many other countries around the world. And since it is difficult for many of us to slow down, the end of the year holiday kind of forces us take time off that we would not otherwise take, and thereby regenerate, as we break away from our usual routines. I personally feel that in some ways, unless we’re forced to rest a bit, we will never stop!

Now I’m not saying we’re being busy for no good reason, but we do need to tend to what is involved in making time for ourselves. The end of the year brings us into a different mindset, one that if used properly, will help us benefit by allowing us to reflect on the year just passed, and on what we did or did not do, and what did or did not happen. These thoughts can often propel us to make changes and explore new ways in which to create new paths that will be more beneficial.

Please note that I am not talking about New Year’s resolutions, which we know usually never pan out. If “resolution” is your game, I would suggest that you give yourself short term goals, but again, this is not my focus here.

What I am talking about is stepping off the treadmill of daily life, breathing in what did or did not happen this past year, evaluating, and coming up with a plan to make things work out better in the New Year.

Generally speaking here’s what to expect from the Universal 7 Cycle that will be in effect for 2014, as explained in part by numerologist Alison Baughman:

The Universal Year number influences us at a collective level, globally and locally. Following the Universal 6 Year (2013) – which was about service to others – this is really a very special time. We are being asked to join together in connecting with the Divine Spirit, however you want to define that concept.

The ancients revered the mystical number 7 and associated it with higher knowledge and cosmic wisdom. Indeed, 7 was referred to as the divine number of God. 7 helps us connect to the divine that links us all, regardless of race, color, religion, political or other alliances. 7 is one of the most spiritual numbers among organized religions as well.

In sum, 2014 is a tremendously important year in regards to evolving our collective consciousness. Especially since the end of 2012, we have been experiencing a massive expansion into all areas of the metaphysical and that trend will continue in 2014. We have seen spiritual philosophy make its way into the mainstream with television, radio and media.

7 is considered to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth and that doorway will be pushed wide in 2014. Awakened people who tap into this energy will experience a deeper connection to their soul. Spending time in Nature, practicing meditation and yoga, and approaching your life on a holistic level all would be beneficial activities for the new year. 2014 is a year that emphasizes dreams, messages, psychic phenomenon, wisdom, and our connection to the Divine. People will begin to question “Why am I here?” and “What is the purpose of life?” Hopefully, some definitive answers will begin to manifest.

And so I would most strongly suggest, take some time in 2014 to pause from your hectic life and do a little inner reflection. Don’t take things at face value, but rather, question something that does not resonate with you. Follow your intuition. One of the greatest gifts of the 7 is a deeper understanding of yourself and the world we live in.

Interesting to me that we are going into a year with the same kind of energy I have been talking about during the 2013 end-of-year holidays.

To help ring in the new year, on my radio show, my first New Year’s guest will Bill Attride who is someone who can shed further light on what to expect in 2014. Bill is a brilliant astrologer. I had him on last year and he got great reviews, so I’ve asked him to return for my first show of 2014, January 6th Monday at 6pm EST. Be sure to tune in!

My best wishes that in 2014, you can open up your mind and heart so that you can follow your positive inner ways, whatever they may be. Try to keep in mind throughout the year that 2014 is a Universal 7 Year, which is there for you to use to help you attain your life’s purpose, by establishing a deeper connection to your soul.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to Everyone and WELCOME TO 2012!

In 2012, we are beginning a new 5-year cycle. 2012 is a universal “5 year” (2+0+1+2 = 5) – a year of energy, change, travel and passion. A year of connecting with people in a social way and igniting one’s dreams into action. Hurray!

Five has a vibrant and active influence and hopefully we will find our lives to be more fluid and fun! With 5 as an energy vibration, we will have an increased sense of lightness and enthusiasm for changing what no longer suits us. A key question for any 5 year is, “What is your passion and how can you achieve it?” Ask yourself, what steps can you take today to seek what you love and what is important to you? Yes, 2012 should be a time to really making something happen. So…how will you do it? The lesson for many will be discipline…with so much to do, how will you commit to that one thing that can really make a difference?

This, of course, is just my 5 year two-cents in general. For how 2012 will impact you personally, consider checking with the numerologist or astrologer of your choice. Of course, I often have numerologists and astrologers do guest spots on my radio show. This month, for example, I’m having the astrologer Bill Attribe on January 9. Check him out here! Bill is a very well known astrologer who has been doing this work for over 30 years. Tune in and enjoy!

Along with continuing my radio show, this year I also will be traveling internationally and speaking at some wonderful conferences, including: “The Afterlife Conference” in March and the “Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Conference” in November, both of which are in Virginia Beach. As always, visit my website to see if I’ll be coming to your neck of the woods. Other areas I plan to visit include: Mexico, Florida, California, Chez Republic, Canada, Tucson, Portland, Seattle and, as always, many parts of New England.

Of course, I am well aware that for many of us, January can be a very difficult month, as we crash from the holidays with raised expectations and have to face the pressures of our New Year’s resolutions. I know this experience can be even more intense if this is your first full year following the loss of a loved one. Especially if you are in that situation, rather than putting undo pressure on yourself, why not give yourself an after-year gift of doing something you’ve wanted to do that is fun? Take a water painting class, for example. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, learn how to snow board. Or . . . go sledding or tobogganing. Whatever! Even if it’s your 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th or 90th etc. year on the planet, you might just surprise yourself by seeing how much fun a new adventure can be. I’ve recently read that surfing for the 50’s folks is on the rise. That should appeal to those of you in warmer climates, or to those who can get away to the warmer areas! In any case, whatever you decide, make it simple. Often, less is more. To avoid frustration, set goals that are truly reachable, and then go for it!

I think we can all agree that one good thing about the end of the holiday season is the end (for now) of all the TV advertisements for gifts that most of us don’t need or have the money for. If you received money as a holiday gift this year, consider doing something personal, like getting a massage or a pedicure, or visit your favorite medium and touch base!

Given all the talk about the end of the Mayan Calendar, we will all be interested in seeing how things actually play out in 2012. Meanwhile, let’s not worry about it but instead focus on living life to the fullest, and remembering to play a little, or even a lot! We are meant to experience joy!

Here’s to another year of connecting, sharing, and meeting many of you for the first (or thirty-first!) time. Sending my best wishes of love and peace to all of you!