Presence Through Transitions in Life

Let’s start this newsletter with a {{{{{drum roll}}}}} for the greatly awaited Spring Equinox, coming March 20th!

For those of you who may wonder what an equinox actually is . . . well, an equinox is commonly regarded as the instant of time when the plane of the Earth’s equator lines up with the center of the Sun. This occurs twice each year: around March 21st and around September 21st. It is the moment when the center of the visible Sun passes directly over the equator.

Interestingly enough, the March Equinox occurs when many folks are beginning a new project for which Winter hadn’t provided any inspiration. Spring is also a time when many folks look for a different job, career, or new relationship.

I, for one, am always chomping at the bit waiting for Spring to arrive. Don’t get me wrong, though. Winter, like all the other seasons, has its beauty and place. But I’m a Spring and warm weather gal at heart.

I’m also a gal who has certain moments when I realize what it’s like to be living (as I do) in two different “worlds” — not only doing the routine things here on Earth, but also of course connecting to the Other Side. Somehow this realization reminds me of how precious each moment on Earth is, and how life can change on a dime. Like when suddenly we are faced with losing a loved one to physical death.

I recently went through something like this with my sister, who lost her sister-in-law (her husband’s sister) who had made her transition. The sister-in-law was the center and “the Rock” of her immediate family which was devastated by her loss.

The family really doesn’t yet have a clue how to put any of the pieces back together again. Life will never be the same for any of them, and adjusting will take time. Yet, this tragedy can be an opportunity to grow.

I actually got to meet the departed sister-in-law several times before she crossed. Not only was she the Rock, but she was also “the Connector” to her siblings and their 93 year old mother.

This is a pattern I often see — many women serve as the Rock in the family. And when they cross over, well, a new reality of life begins for all those whom “the Rock” has touched. Indeed, there is a ripple effect among all those who loved her, and for all those who were loved by her.

In my work, I have met many folks who have gone through this difficult experience. Ultimately, every second, minute, and hour of the day has to be experienced from a new perspective. Life doesn’t come with a manual, and death affects each of us in different ways. We have to figure out how to move on. But, it ain’t easy!

For the record, the last thing many of the mourning want to hear is something like, “She’s in a better place,” so consider avoiding that phrase (even though it is literally true) because at that moment, the deceased’s family’s world has fallen apart, and “good news” words like those don’t truly resonate with everyone.

During the conversations I had with my sister, all I could repeat to her during her sobs was that she should hold the husband’s hand, listen to what he has to say, and mostly “just be there.” And yes, tell him how much you love him, how much your sister loved him, and that Love never dies.

Of course, we can never walk another person’s path, or pain . . . but it is good for those who can be there to just be there.

Remember that if you believe that Love never dies, and if you can keep your heart and mind open, you can hear or feel your DPs around you. It takes a big leap for some to accept this, but that is what continuing Love is all about — opening up your heart, paying attention, and connecting.

Sending you my thoughts of Love, along with this reminder — we are not walking this journey alone.

As always, looking forward to seeing so many of you this upcoming Spring when the cycles of life in Nature remind us that rebirth is upon us.

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Spring is Just Around the Corner!

Yay! Spring is just around the corner. The vernal equinox is due to arrive on March 20th, just three days after we get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And celebrate we will!

So excited that Spring is on the way!

Spring of course means different things to different people, but one thing is for sure – we all feel in one way or another that Spring is a time of re-birth and new beginnings. A time that can put a smile on your face and a skip in your step, as Nature begins to turn a rich and luscious green. Also a time to wipe away those tears if you’ve endured the loss of a loved one over the winter, or during this past year.

After one of my recent events, a woman to whom I had delivered a message came up to me. It was clear that she needed a hug. No questions needed to be asked, nor statements made. As the tears rolled down her cheeks, she shared how this had been a very hard year for her. She lost not only her dad, but a dear friend, and her nephew as well. Her sister and daughter had attended the event with her and it was a very intense experience for all of them.

Interestingly, I find it not uncommon for families to suffer several losses in a row. When someone is just trying to deal with a passing, there is soon another one right after, or as was in this family’s case, three within a year.

The woman told me that her son was having a very hard time adjusting to his cousin’s passing in particular, and was pulling away from the family. She and I talked about it and how this was when the family needed to be there for him. Hugs would be good medicine.

One thing was for sure, the young man is very sensitive. And if there is one thing I can share that is critically important, it is that boys who are very sensitive have it much harder in this world, there being a certain macho expectancy of young men in our society.

Fortunately for this young man, his mother gets it, and has been very much there for him in letting him know how important family is. He recognizes their love for him and that they are there to help him through. Interestingly enough, the young man is also very close to his aunt, the mother of his deceased cousin. So, he is blessed to have not only a loving mom but also a very caring aunt and others to help him process his grief.

I have no doubt that after these three passings, the family will very much be looking forward to Spring and all its beauty. Fortunately, they live in a part of the country where Spring in always a joyous welcoming.

In the U.S., the overall population doesn’t deal very well with physical death, which is a reaction that is very different from so many other cultures I’ve encountered around the world.

None of the feelings of grief after losing a loved one come with a manual, and we all need to deal with and process grief in our own way. But dealing with death is part of the journey we all signed up for. Fortunately, I have been honored to be able to make things easier for so many by connecting those still here with their loved ones in Spirit, and sharing precious moments.

With Spring on her way, and anticipating those feelings of new birth, I am reminded that our loved ones want us more than anything to value our lives, and be happy. Of course there will be ups and downs, bitter and sweet moments, but it is all about the cycle of life. Our DPs want to remind us that they are literally there in Spirit when we take our walks, look at their photos, or just flash on a memory, maybe like the time we laughed so hard that we peed our pants. Most importantly, they want us to continue to feel the love we still share with them. It is all of these little things that are really SO BIG – fond memories and continuing enjoyment that no one can ever take away.

Recently, I was interviewed by a doctor who had been woken up during the night by her house lights flashing. She was sure it was her mom, who has crossed over, telling her to visit her niece who was in the hospital with terminal cancer. Although the doctor knew that her mother wanted her to go see her niece, she had second “logical” thoughts, and considered discussing the situation with others. Fortunately, she decided against consulting with anyone, feeling she would have been talked out of making the trip to the hospital. Instead, she followed her first impression – first impressions usually being a very reliable indicator when receiving messages from beyond.

The doctor went to the hospital and learned that her niece hadn’t eaten in a week, and that the staff felt she was on death’s door. Upon seeing her aunt arrive, the niece sat up in the bed, and ordered a mega meal for both of them. They ate, laughed, and joyously shared their bond of love. Later the aunt told me over and over that she was so glad she trusted the message she knew was coming from her mom on the Other Side.

And that my friends, is a memory the good doctor will treasure forever. It also serves as a reminder to listen to those messages that ring so true. If you’ve never done so, give it a try this Spring. And, of course, appreciate the blooming flowers, and watch how Mother Earth works her magic, and creates such awesome beauty. If you have the will and opportunity, plant those seeds of whatever it is you want to have grow. Take care of your project, and enjoy a most wonderful mystery of Nature.

Let me end by saying that I’ve got so many wonderful events coming up, from the West Coast, to the Midwest, to the East Coast. Please check my website for details. Looking forward to seeing all of you, be it for the first time, the tenth time, or whatever.

Signs from the Animal Kingdom

“Who says silence is golden?” I ask, somewhat rhetorically, while sitting in “the quiet of Nature.” As I write, the birds are in rare form shouting, “Spring! Spring! Spring!” For me, this is much more pleasant than experiencing silence. I also love to hear the calm wind blowing through blooming branches, and the sounds of the squirrels and chipmunks scurrying. All those wonderful sounds of life signaling the renewal of Spring. The cycle begins again.

As we all know, humans can make wonderful sounds too, with their voices and/or musical instruments. To name just a few of my favorite compositions: Rite of Spring, The Lark Ascending, Flight of the Bumble Bee, The Four Seasons . . . They’re all wonderful works well worth listening to, again and again. Of course, there are so many pop songs that pay tribute to Spring, and connect Spring to Life and Love, that I dare not start listing them lest I never finish this newsletter!

As we are all so well aware, Life (but not Love) ends in death. Remember though that death is merely a transition to renewed life in another form. This is a positive aspect.

Another positive aspect of death, say of a loved one, is that the experience can lift us to a new level of understanding. I am always quite amazed how death and grief often force us to look within ourselves, which opens a door to discovering what is truly important.

There is and will always be one constant in our earthly lives, and in our lives after death, and that is Love. Love does not die. Love continues on both sides when our loved ones make their transition into the Spirit World.

As I’ve said many times before, it is our DPs’ (dead persons’) responsibility to let us know that they are OK on the Other Side. Likewise, it is our responsibility here on this plane to listen and open our hearts to allow our DPs’ messages to come through.

There are so many ways through which we are able to connect to our DPs – dreams, smells, feeling a presence, electric or electronic happenings, special letters and/or numbers on license plates that grab the eye and heart, billboard messages that resonate, etc.

In many indigenous cultures, animal spirits are key to making a connection to the Other Side. Dr. Steven Farmer, whom I had as a guest on my radio show, is an expert on animal spirits and indigenous traditions. During the show, he focused on the native Hawaiian culture; an excerpt follows.

As I mentioned, every culture has a slightly different take on this idea of animal spirit guides. From ancient Hawaiian spirituality, still alive today, comes the concept of aumakua – spirit guides clothed in the language, customs, and mythos of this culture.

Aumakua (ow-ma-koo-ah) are very simply the spirits of deceased ancestors. They can be called on for protection, guidance, and spiritual support. The very first aumakua were the children of humans who had mated with the Akua, or primary gods, the main ones being Ku (Koo), Kane (Kah-nay), Lono, and Kanaloa (Kah-nah-low-ah). When someone died, they went through a period of time where they stayed with these Akua and thereby acquired a degree of mana, or power. Eventually they could make themselves known to their descendants. One of the most prevalent ways they could make their appearance – although not limited to this – was through animals and animal spirits. They could also show up in the wind, rain, or lightning, or in your dreams. . .

Very soon after her father’s death, Ellen took a walk on the beach. She noticed a dolphin jumping along the water, much closer to shore than usual. She realized that this was her father’s spirit expressing through and in cooperation with the spirit of Dolphin, embodied in the one that was tracking her as she walked along the shore. Ellen was reassured that her father was just fine in the spirit world. His spirit had elicited Dolphin’s help in getting this message to his daughter. This was her aumakua.

(Read more:

These wonderful animal spirit traditions exist to this day, but all we need to do is hang out with our doggie, kitty, bird, or whichever animal being(s) we are connected to, and listen! They will teach us much.

I will never forget the story about when the Tsunami hit Phuket, Thailand, all the elephants went to the high lands, and were saved. You can read about it here. The article discusses how we can learn much from the Nature and Animal kingdoms.

Let me close by reminding you of The Afterlife Conference I do each year, this time in May. The conference always ends with a water ceremony of one kind or another, which provides a wonderful closing to a very special weekend. Hope to see some of you there. I’ll also be appearing in Cromwell, Connecticut; at my special New York City “Mothers’ Day Event”; in Kansas City to which I’ll be returning after a few years; Chicago, and more!

Now . . . Time to get outside and play! It’s Spring! Enjoy!

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016, where we enter a new cycle.

In numerology, 2016 is a number 9 year. The World Year Number (also called the Universal Year Number) is a single-digit number that represents the energy for everyone over a given year; 2016 is a 9 Year, because 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9. The Number 9 promotes completion. It signals a time to wrap things up and bring them to a conclusion. The year 2016 is a time to consider what has not been working in your life, and to begin doing things a little differently. To be clear, this is the Universal year. For your own personal year, you need to account for the month and day of your birth. However we are all still affected by the Universal number.

According to Glynis McCants, the 9 World Year Number also promotes being more selfless. Realize that if we do not all work together, we will pay a heavy price. Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and Yogananda were all 9 Life Paths, and the ways in which they lived their lives are perfect examples of the selflessness to which I am referring.

With all this in mind, if you can volunteer to help others in this 9 World Year, it would be a very good idea. You will find that the more you do for others in this particular year, the happier you will be. I mentioned in my latest newsletter that we live longer, healthier, and more enriched lives when we do service. And we all have the perfect opportunity to do that right now.

I believe the recent Paris talks where representatives from around the world met to discuss climate change is a good way to begin a 9 year, by looking to give back to Mother Earth – she who feeds us, clothes us, and houses us.

I personally have always loved cycles, as I do seasons because it’s during these times that we become more conscious of ourselves and relect on our lives – spirituality, mentally and physically. By reflecting, we can see opportunities for changing ourselves in every aspect of our lives. We can look to see what works or doesn’t work for us, which of course includes interacting with loved ones in our life.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on last year, especially if you have to deal emotionally with the loss of a loved one. Was it a parent, partner, sibling, relative or friend, or a furry companion? Each one of these kinds of losses can affect us all differently, and are an instant reminder that life can change in a heartbeat. An appropriate approach when going into a 9 year.

Of course, with one door closes, a new door opens. This is especially true if you had to deal with a loved one through and illness, or having had to sell their house, or go through their things. In such situations, you are sure to come upon memories, some good, maybe some not . . . but memories nonetheless. This can be a life-changing event but perhaps in a wonderful way if it says to you, for example, “I’m not going to wait any longer to go for my dream job, or take that trip I’ve always to take, or save a bit more money, or do [whatever].” We would never move ahead or make important decisions in our lives if not faced with challenges. Positive change is always good for the soul, and for our soul’s growth, even if that change is ignited by the loss of a loved one.

A dear friend of mine who lost her husband of thirty years decided that after his death, she was going to do what they had planned together, a road trip across the country. They had dreamed of this upon his retirement which was still several years away when he passed, but she decided she was going to travel since it was really what she wanted to do anyway. It is now four months later, and she is only halfway though her journey, and loving every minute of Motel 6 life! Her kids think that she has lost her mind. But I think she finally found it by doing something she always wanted to do and never had the chance! She’s hinted she might even sell her house, and move, which would be one very big deal indeed! What a perfect example of how to begin a 9 year! And something to be grateful for.

On that note, go ahead and rock into 2016. Dream and do the dream, for that’s what dreams are for. And don’t forget is that dreams are the most common way our loved ones in spirit make contact.

On my Blog Talk Radio show on January 11th, I’m going to have on Emmanuel Dagher, talking about his his book: Easy, Breezy Prosperity. Are you looking for a boost in prosperity? Then don’t miss that show!

See you all in my travels: To the South (Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee), Chicago, California, and of course my beloved Northeast.

Lessons We Can Learn From Loss

As I sit here about to write this newsletter, I am looking out at the trees gently moving their limbs on what is probably close to the most perfect day that the end of summer has ever seen. Feeling, of course, that Labor Day is around the corner. I ponder life, knowing how blessed I am to be able to soak in this day in the country while viewing my garden, my labor of love.

I recently got an email from a friend who wrote: “You deal with death every day, while nurturing the cycle of life. And you wear an awesome farmer’s hat to boot!!!” Yes for me, gardening and mediumship go hand-in-hand. I learn a lot about life from being a gardener, and of course doing my work as a medium. In my neck of the woods, the life cycle is reflected in the seasons: birth is spring, summer is growth, fall is harvest, and winter represents death but with the promise of new life in the future.

As I reflect on all this, I get a phone call from a friend who has lost his job. The phone call reminds me that there are many kinds of losses, and they all require a grieving period. And while any loss can cause problems, some losses may inspire us to go after something we’ve wanted to do our whole life, reflecting the beauty of change, and the change of seasons. That is an upside!

In contrast, some of the changes that a loss brings are so intense that they can trigger a spiraling down to a mindset of “I’m losing everything.” Which is not so farfetched an idea. People do lose their jobs, then lose their homes, and end up getting divorced. But from my friend I could hear that he was doing the best he could and keeping as positive as best possible – focusing on the love of his children.

I’ve had many of deep talks with my friend since he knows my work so well. During our conversations, he is reminded that nothing could be more devastating than losing a child. Not having suffered through that experience, he recognizes the need to count his blessings and pick himself up. He recognized his losses as material, which was a step in the right direction.

As with any loss, it’s important to let go, and eventually move on, and my friend has begun that part of the process. I feel such respect for the man who recognized that all of what he could lose was material, and could be replaced.

We all have a path to walk. For those of us with friends who find themselves on a difficult road, we can offer a listener’s ear when needed. Do let those we care about know that they’re not alone. Ask if there is anything we can we do to help them in some way or another.

Over the years, I’ve had the very distinct privilege of sharing thousands of these kinds of journeys with so many of you. I never cease to be amazed how people with deep losses and sorrows can rebound, move on, and find a healing place. As I see it, most of those who can right themselves tend to have a deep faith, and know in their hearts that there is a bigger picture than what it is they are perceiving here in the dimension of earth time.

Life is a force unto itself. Let it be a dance, with a few skips along the way!

Now, as this gardener and medium prepares for fall, I hope you too will recognize that another cycle of life is about to begin. As great as summer was, it’s important to be able to let the cycle of summer go, and transition to the autumn.

This Labor Day, as the Northeast colors prepare to emerge, I’ll continue to enjoy my labor of love with lots of harvesting still to come. And I will welcome my reconnecting with so many of you. I’ll be heading back to Tucson, Southern California, St. Louis, Chicago, Denver and Minneapolis to name a few. Hope to see many of you all along the way.

The ripple effects in the aftermath of the largest mass shooting in US history have traveled well beyond Aurora Colorado

We are all connected. A tragedy such as this is proof that though we may not know any of those who have passed personally (or their family members and friends), the experience nonetheless hits a core in all of us.

Death — especially one of this magnitude — awakens the fragility of life. Most people, even those who have a strong spiritual base, may be confronted on their faith or belief of “life after death” no matter how they define it. For many, death is their number one fear. This is the end.

I have spent over the last 35 years dealing quite literally with death, specifically with the living who have lost loved ones. Although I’m not a traditional “grief therapist “ with a PhD, MD or MSW degree, I have helped thousands connect with their loved ones who have died. And for most all of them our work together was the most significant healing that helped them with the death of their loved ones.

There is no magic wand to grief, and no one way to heal. I have helped others work through the process of grief in large seminar settings to small family sittings to intimate, private sessions. And if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that everyone grieves in their own unique time and way. However, there is one consistent experience I can say is always there with every connection. It’s that 90% “closure” never completely happens. The experience of a sense of “loss” is always there. And similarly, the experience of the shootings last week will always be there for those who experienced it. What I most hope for is that each will experience their own sense of “healing” even if the sense of “closure” will never be realized. There are no rules or magic wands that will help anyone easily get up each day, put on their socks and shoes, leave the front door and live their life like the trauma or loss never happened. The “daze” that is experience after loss can last for a while, it is unique to each individual.

So when someone says to you to “get over it, it’s time to move on,” look them square in the face, take a breath, and don’t feel guilt for where you are and how long you may need to be there. What everyone refers to as “closure” is little more than a myth. And only those who have lost can really appreciate this truth. However, if you can begin to work towards “healing” and opening your heart again…then a whole new life awaits you. One that may never have full closure, but one that does go on and has the same possibilities of love as it’s always has. As a client of mine said in reflection of her son’s death — “there simply was the life before Justin’s death and there’s a life after.”

Listening – An Art

Listening, I believe, is not only an Art, but a invaluable tool of knowing.  In my travels I get to have so many sharings and conversations with collages, friends, clients. In those moments, and quite often it is just a moment, the sincere conversation where much of our deep feelings are revealed.

Most certainly, with being a “medium”, many of these conversations naturally are about loved one who have “passed over”. Death, without question is probably one, if not the most, of people’s deepest fears and pains.

I was just recently sitting around with a group of people. Some of them I have known for awhile, others I just met. Within this group were several couples. One of the couples that were there I hadn’t seen for some time and had actually only met her husband once.

We started talking, and yes, once again the subject turned to my profession. One of the women there has a very successful private practice as a Therapist. It was particularly important to her to know more about my work.  She was very interested in how my work as a medium was reflected in ways of her own practice.

As we continued the conversation, I started sharing what was the significant theme in my book: Everything Happens for a Reason.  My reason, beside the obvious of writing this book, was that I had over the years become aware that with every passing or death, what we deal with typically has a theme.  For example, how the inter-dynamics of a family changes when a sibling passes or if it’s an instance where a parent passes while we are young.

All of a sudden, one of the women’s husbands’, who up until that point, had been silent, blurted out how his father ‘s death had completely changed the direction of his life. He most likely would have been successful as a ball player if his father hadn’t died. It seemed that the man who had taken his father’s place as a Coach couldn’t quite understand the way he played.  He punched him in the nose, was kicked off the team and spent next several years following another path. That was forty years ago.  He spoke as if it had happened to him yesterday.

The next day before I left several of the woman that were there went out to lunch.  The women who’s husband had lost his father said point blank to me after 36 years of marriage she had never heard her husband share this intimate detail of his father. I said, in my work it’s happens all the time. It’s that moment when something is said, where another resonates with the conversation, that they are able to share their deepest, most intimate feelings that they have kept inside.

She thanked me. It is a reoccurring theme in my work, we just have to be in the moment to listen.  It was then that she said, she almost opened her mouth, and knew that if she did, the moment of her husband sharing his story would be lost.

They are one of those couples that truly love each other, and here she, the therapist, was hearing this after 36 years of marriage. So, yes listening is truly an Art, and one that can open up and reveal the most intimate details of one’s life that we never knew.



Don’t Judge The Book By Its Cover

I recently had a session with family and friends of nine people.   I have always loved the family dynamic, quite literally something I have always been conscious of as an honored privilege to be a part of. The precious moments of “connections” that only viewing a family, some living and many who are now in the spirit, can appreciate.

I say this because after a very “intense” session, of whom the guest of honor was this young man who had died at age 27 connected the entire family.  Needless to say he showed up in full bloom sharing his love and some wisdom with his beloved family and extended friends.

As I look around this group of people; grandmother, mother, father, sisters, brothers and friends; I was so aware; as I always am; that looking at all of them, no one would have ever known what pain they were all feeling for the lost of Steven.

At the end of the most beautiful connection of all in regards to this bittersweet loss everyone was feeling, one of Steven’s Aunt’s came up to me.  She shared with me that if you were to look at her sister Judith, Stevens mother, your thoughts would be something like she has this most perfect life.  A beautiful house, a wonderful family that travels the world together and yet, her only son is dead at 27 years of age. Her sister proceeded to say that they all look at her sister and just see all the “things” she has with her husband and children but don’t know that she lost her only son to a drunk driver.

I just recently went to my class reunion, quite honestly something that I would never ordinarily do.  I had had really no connection to any class members over the years except for a couple that keep in touch with my mother.

So I went, and in conversation with someone that I did have an affinity with, because we both share a love of music. She said to me: “ How has the journey been for you.  I look around and see it looks like everyone is having a good time but, how much tragedy has been in their lives.  I couldn’t help but think of my nine member family.  The sister said the same thing to me, who would ever know by looking at her sister, she had lost her only son.

In this awareness of we “do” all the time judge the cover without, knowing what’s inside. We assume someone who “looks” like they have the perfect life, inside there’s a deep hole from a loss that no words could possibly console or comprehend.

It’s so easy for all of us to judge a moment, putting together a scenio of the “perfect” whatever.  However, there is no perfect whatever, just life with all its joys and sorrows. Managing our best to deal with and heal from adversities.

It was a class reunion that I am quite happy that I attended. For me there was much reflecting. How life had changed for the few classmates that I did remember.  I looked at many of them and knew that I couldn’t know their paths nor would they know mine because ultimately each of us has our own book and journey.  It is however always a privilege for me in that moment, to be a part of it.


The Love For Dogs

At times, people come to me to see if I can connect them with their beloved dogs or kitties that have crossed over.  I’m sort of known to be a medium who animals come to.  Indeed, I’ve had many types of animals-horses, pigs, donkeys, and even iguanas-show up at my sessions.  That’s because pets who have been part of the family are still connected to their owners by Love, and are capable of reconnecting and being reconnected with those of us still here. 
In my experience, I’ve seen that for many people, the loss of a pet is often as intense, sometimes even more so, than the loss of a human family member.

For example, last week, I got an email from Lisa, a friend who lost her beloved Logan, a beautiful Golden Retriever.  Lisa words were: “Suzane, I lost my best friend and companion of 14 years.  I buried him in my back yard because I couldn’t bear him being far from me.”   I had gotten to know Logan since he lived in the apartment next to mine for the first several years of his life.  I had Lucky Star at the time.  Lucky was older but tolerated the young pup.  He was a joy who touched many peoples lives.   Of course, Lisa will miss her Logan, but truth be known, their connection continues.  That connection, like the connection during life, can be very healing.

My work has taught me the power of healing and its importance in life.  Indeed, the role that many dogs play as healer, is crucial.  Like Lisa’s dog Logan, many dogs touch the lives of their owners in very powerful ways.  If  you’ve ever seen a child  hugging their dog, or telling the dog about their troubles and heartaches, then you know what I mean.  Indeed, merely stroking a dog can help bring relief.  And obviously, dogs don’t do their healing work for money or  fame-they do it simply because that is what they are about. 
Most of you have heard me talk about “Best Friend” in Utah, that wonderful organization which takes in all animals, and turns none away.

I read recently that Best Friend was giving some of the dogs from Michael Vick’s fighting ring a chance to help heal people, most prominently soldiers that have post traumatic stress (PTS) syndrome. A wonderful job for those dogs who also suffered in battle. 
Now imagine you have the symptoms of PTS-the anxiety, the stress, and especially the inability to sleep.  One veteran I spoke with told me that the only way he could sleep was if his dog was on the bed with him, because that the only time he feels safe.  In that situation, who wouldn’t want  a dog?
As further evidence, a program at Walter Reed – “Paws for Purple Hearts” – provides trained dogs for wounded warriors in wheelchairs. The trainers themselves were service members diagnosed with PTS, according to a story in the Washington Post.   And now the Paws for Purple Hearts program, which began two years ago, has drawn the interest of a cluster of scientists who think that the human-dog relationship may have measurable clinical impact on the health and well-being of patients, including veterans with PTS.  So now, even science is getting in on what we’ve known all along-how valuable dogs can be. Witness the 200 veterans being treated for PTS who are going to become partners with service dogs that have been trained especially for the veterans.

According to American Women Veterans, Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Inc. has recently partnered with the federal government to provide highly trained service dogs to the Veteran’s Administration (VA) for a multi-year scientific study examining the impact that service dogs have on veterans with PTS.   The Guardian Angels study, which is being conducted by the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital of Tampa, Florida, is designed to quantify exactly what it is that veterans with PTS can gain from having a service dog.   I think we know already the answer: unconditional Love, and healing.  Someday, maybe, science will catch up.
As I’ve said many times before, even death cannot  destroy the energy of Love. Which is why when our pets cross over, the connection of Love continues, as documented in so many of my readings.  So rest assured that even whey their time here is done, all the Logans and Luckys everywhere will be forever in our hearts, and our connections to them will continue. 
Here’s hoping that the news in this August newsletter makes you go out and wag your tail a little bit!  Yes, be happy! it’s still summer, after all!


The Nun and The Priest

Most people who commonly check out my website and know my work; know I travel a great deal.  Since I travel quite a bit I prefer to drive; especially around the Northeast, and quite honestly I love it.  It always clears my mind and I sometimes get to listen to some good discussions and interviews on one of my favorite radio shows, NPR.

I like most people “love” a good love story, of course especially if it is a message or experience about connecting to a love one in spirit or having an ADC ( After-death Communication) experience.

The interview begins with a woman who was a nun for a few years when she was transfer to another parish.  Upon being sent to this parish she was working with the  priest who ran the parish,  within a  couple of years she and he realize a connection.  The connection was instant from the beginning. She and the Priest became instantly connected and fell in love. She knew in her heart that she would have to search her soul to make the decision to leave the church; of which she did.  The Woman and the Priest would meet on the weekends while he was waiting to get permission for them to be together.  After two years of wanting he too was not given permission to be with her, so he too left the priesthood.

They married, a love affair that lasted for 60 years. Nonetheless they still kept their connection with the church. In the interview she shared their deep love and connection that she and the priest had. Then she shares about his illness, taking care of him and how she made sure they recorded their singing together.  He lost his voice from the illness so she wanted to make sure she could still hear his voice after his death.

She then continues to talk about his dying and how she felt closer to him after his death. She would have her daily ritual of 2 O’clock in the afternoon sitting in her favorite chair in the room they loved the most, listen and feel his presence and know that he was there.

She made it very clear in the interview that it didn’t matter to her what people thought of her on-going connection with her husband, who was now dead. Making it plain to listeners that only his body was dead.

It was important for her to share that their relationship was continuing and emphasizing that in many ways, they were closer now than they were when he was in his physical body, knowing that their deep connection continued.

Here I am listening to this woman speak of her love, while I am quite literally on my way to share what I do best, connecting with those, who like her priest, still let us know they are around.  We only have to listen, open our heart and know that love never dies.