Presence Through Transitions in Life

Let’s start this newsletter with a {{{{{drum roll}}}}} for the greatly awaited Spring Equinox, coming March 20th!

For those of you who may wonder what an equinox actually is . . . well, an equinox is commonly regarded as the instant of time when the plane of the Earth’s equator lines up with the center of the Sun. This occurs twice each year: around March 21st and around September 21st. It is the moment when the center of the visible Sun passes directly over the equator.

Interestingly enough, the March Equinox occurs when many folks are beginning a new project for which Winter hadn’t provided any inspiration. Spring is also a time when many folks look for a different job, career, or new relationship.

I, for one, am always chomping at the bit waiting for Spring to arrive. Don’t get me wrong, though. Winter, like all the other seasons, has its beauty and place. But I’m a Spring and warm weather gal at heart.

I’m also a gal who has certain moments when I realize what it’s like to be living (as I do) in two different “worlds” — not only doing the routine things here on Earth, but also of course connecting to the Other Side. Somehow this realization reminds me of how precious each moment on Earth is, and how life can change on a dime. Like when suddenly we are faced with losing a loved one to physical death.

I recently went through something like this with my sister, who lost her sister-in-law (her husband’s sister) who had made her transition. The sister-in-law was the center and “the Rock” of her immediate family which was devastated by her loss.

The family really doesn’t yet have a clue how to put any of the pieces back together again. Life will never be the same for any of them, and adjusting will take time. Yet, this tragedy can be an opportunity to grow.

I actually got to meet the departed sister-in-law several times before she crossed. Not only was she the Rock, but she was also “the Connector” to her siblings and their 93 year old mother.

This is a pattern I often see — many women serve as the Rock in the family. And when they cross over, well, a new reality of life begins for all those whom “the Rock” has touched. Indeed, there is a ripple effect among all those who loved her, and for all those who were loved by her.

In my work, I have met many folks who have gone through this difficult experience. Ultimately, every second, minute, and hour of the day has to be experienced from a new perspective. Life doesn’t come with a manual, and death affects each of us in different ways. We have to figure out how to move on. But, it ain’t easy!

For the record, the last thing many of the mourning want to hear is something like, “She’s in a better place,” so consider avoiding that phrase (even though it is literally true) because at that moment, the deceased’s family’s world has fallen apart, and “good news” words like those don’t truly resonate with everyone.

During the conversations I had with my sister, all I could repeat to her during her sobs was that she should hold the husband’s hand, listen to what he has to say, and mostly “just be there.” And yes, tell him how much you love him, how much your sister loved him, and that Love never dies.

Of course, we can never walk another person’s path, or pain . . . but it is good for those who can be there to just be there.

Remember that if you believe that Love never dies, and if you can keep your heart and mind open, you can hear or feel your DPs around you. It takes a big leap for some to accept this, but that is what continuing Love is all about — opening up your heart, paying attention, and connecting.

Sending you my thoughts of Love, along with this reminder — we are not walking this journey alone.

As always, looking forward to seeing so many of you this upcoming Spring when the cycles of life in Nature remind us that rebirth is upon us.

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The Holidays Are Here!

Holidays, Holidays, Holidays! Yes, I am repeating myself, but the reality is this: it is now THE Holiday Season.

And while this special Season of Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years is usually designated as a time for enjoyment and fun, the holidays (and other special days) can also be difficult, as we who have lost loved ones — especially recently — recognize.

For many folks right now, especially in some of our most beautiful States hit by tragedy — for example, the California fires — events are taking their toll on many lives and families. Thankfully, there is an outpouring of Love from people who want to help.

I have always admired those volunteers who step up to help others in need. Performing “in the clutch,” as they say.

I am also very amazed at those who have so little in the material (Earthly) realm, yet who can nonetheless selflessly share what they do have. And in the process help themselves and others understand the human condition.

Which reminds me of our loved ones in Spirit, who are still our guiding lights.

Recently, there were so many heroic acts that I heard and read about, involving the recent tragedies. Some stories really touched my heart, two especially.

One: There was a woman who had given birth during the fires. She wasn’t able to leave the hospital immediately because she had a C-section. The woman entrusted her son, Lincoln, to a man to care for her son during the fires. (Her husband and two girls were away somewhere else, and safe.)

Once the woman got released from the hospital, she drove toward her house that had been burned to the ground. Along the way, she met the man who was caring for Lincoln. How’s that for a synchronicity?

Later, she drove by her property and thought to herself that she was a “blessed woman,” given all that she had experienced. How’s that for a positive attitude?

Another story I heard involved an elderly 90-year old lady who was trapped in her house. A nearby sanitation worker saw her, rescued her, and drove four hours to safety. He got to hear wonderful stories from her 90-years of life. I’m sure many of them involved Christmas.

And yes, Christmas is once again on the way. Most often, we will not remember the presents we received under the Christmas tree — twenty, thirty, fifty or however many years ago. But, I think most of us will remember those very special gifts — a new bicycle, a doll, or an air gun perhaps. Or for those really lucky folks, a special trip that the family saved for, took, and enjoyed.

Very special memories like those exist in your heart, and are there to stay. Reflect, and enjoy!

Here’s hoping you’ll be experiencing some very special moments this holiday season, more happy moments to remember.

And let me say here, in my last newsletter of 2018, that I am very Thankful for connecting with so many of you and your loved ones in Spirit. Something I plan to continue to do, and be so honored to do, in the future.

And, if I may also suggest, keep your hearts open to receive all the Love you attract and deserve. That philosophy extends not only to you, but to all of your loved ones here, there, and everywhere — including, of
course, to those on the Other Side.

And, as always, let us be thankful for what we do have.

My last event of the year with be with Thomas John. The event is called “ Home for the Holidays,” to be held in Sturbridge MA.

Have a warm, loving, and heartfelt holiday. Share that Love because there is so much GOOD to go around.

Healing Through Nature

We are officially in Summer! The solstice was just a couple of weeks ago, on June 20th, the longest day of the year. The day when the northern pole of Earth points as close to the sun as it gets. Usually, this is the warmest time of the season, given the connection to the sun. A wonderful reason to celebrate!

And celebrate we will, with the weekend leading into the 4th of July being imminent!

All things that go with Summer – friends and families getting together, and of course remembering those loved ones with whom we have celebrated in the past but who are no longer here in the physical, but will be here in spirit – are upon us.

I’ve learned over the years that many families plan on using this time of the year to get together when other times of the year are not possible. For one thing, you can travel by car without worry of “bad” weather . . . well at least not snow!

For example, the family of a friend of mine is having a family reunion in upstate New York, where the centerpiece will be the casting of a deceased loved one’s ashes on a spot in Nature that he loved so much. While it is true that, as Jim Morrison once sang, that “Nobody here gets out alive,” it is also true that every spirit/soul does get out alive – for spirits we are, having a human experience.

Yes, it is that time of year when the weather just invites us to be outside. Speaking of which – I just came across an article about “forest bathing,” which generally speaking involves a walk in the woods to shed worldly woes, and combat stress. It’s a custom in Korea and Japan. Suffice it to say that the benefits are huge. In fact, if you can believe it, the benefits are so well established that forest bathing is covered under medical insurance in many countries (outside the U.S., where citizen health is not considered a human right).

Many of us know from experience that spending time in a forest or other forms of Nature, can not only lower stress, but also reduce pulse rate and blood pressure, which naturally improves the functioning of the nervous system, and the body overall.

One Stanford University study had participants do a memory test before and after either a Nature walk or a walk in an urban area. Those who walked in Nature improved their performance on the second memory test, while the urban walkers showed no improvement.

The same test also tended to demonstrate improved vitality after a walk in Nature. It was not the exercise so much as the actual communing with Nature.

A walk in the woods can also reduce negative thoughts. After all, how can one stroll through the woods, look at all those beautiful green trees and flowing streams, listen to birds and see the butterflies, without feeling anything but uplifted.

If you can’t make it to the country sometime soon, note this: those same studies showed that people who live in urban areas where there are parks and greenery (e.g., Central Park in Manhattan) had less mental stress and illness.

No surprise then that whenever I do conferences, the best events – in terms of actual results – are those that include a walk in Nature, and/or activities away from the city. Yes, it’s good to get away from the maddening crowd, and let the signs in Nature help us connect with loved ones on the Other Side.

Interacting with Nature also helps us connect with our DPs (dead persons) via dreams, walks, and the opening of our minds and hearts.

Simply stated, the connection with Nature is more easily facilitated during the Summer. For Summer is that time to think like kids again, put a skip in your step, and, hopefully see, feel, or sense your loved ones in spirit walking by your side.

If a departed loved one enjoyed fishing, and there is a river, lake, or pond nearby, go there! You will be reminded of those times with your DP, which will facilitate your connection to him or her in Spirit. If your DP gardened, find a garden and walk by basking in the sun, while looking at all those colors and opening your heart. There are gardens everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Yes, even in the cities where city folks have rooftop gardens, or plots in the outer boroughs (like Brooklyn or Queens).

If you live near the ocean, and don’t usually go there, a gentle shame on you! Get into it! You are missing a lot, especially at sunrise or sunset.

I promise all of you who are feeling below par that getting into Nature will make whatever is hurting deep inside or making you feel lost, get better. Simply just breathing in all that is beautiful will be of benefit. This is what is truly important, and free!

Yes free! Nature is everywhere, and everywhere is where our departed loved ones exist. If there is a cost to get to a Nature spot that beckons you, spend the bucks. It will be worth it.

Speaking of traveling (which I so often do), I’ll be in Colorado in August. I intend to take a hike in the Rocky Mountains. A Colorado mountain high! Those mountains surely beckon me.

Also looking forward to seeing all you Massachusetts folks on 13th of July, with my event with Thomas John.

In sum, don’t let the Summer pass you by. Come out of the doldrums (if that’s where you are) and just have fun. You’ll enjoy, I promise.

The Wisdom of Elephants, and Other Fall Reflections

October is here, and as usual, this first full month of Autumn will spread its beautiful rainbow of colors. I of course get to view all of the season’s beauty in upstate New York, but recently I saw that my niece had posted some fabulous leaf colors from Colorado. They were so breathtaking! Wherever you are, enjoy the season!

Since it’s October, Columbus Day weekend is coming up. Now I know that recently Christopher Columbus has come under intense criticism for his actions, which I don’t want to get into here. But from a practical standpoint, it’s a three-day weekend for many of us, and thus a chance to do something special.

So, what to do? Well, if you’re in or near any of the places where the trees are a rainbow of colors, how about a short trip to the country?

The Fall is a time to embark on, or continue, an adventure. It’s akin to Spring in that respect – a moment when we can take advantage of the energy of the season, and let our thoughts, desires, and intuition flow and guide us.

Autumn is, as we know, the harvesting season, so a good time to let things manifest. Take a look at what you’ve been working on and see what you can reap as part of a next step.

Flashback! Do you, as I do, remember as a kid, watching the leaves fall, and then jumping into a pile of dry leaves and hearing them crackle? What joy! Or maybe you just walked through a pile of leaves, or picked out a leaf and traced around it on a piece of paper, as part of an exercise in art.

Speaking of “art,” in case you haven’t noticed, there are now coloring books for adults. Check it out, another way to meditate, free your thoughts, and reap the benefits of Autumn as the season flows through your veins.

I know those who read my newsletter notice that I sometimes report on current events. Well, here’s one that’s most interesting. Recently, Congress passed a bill to crack down on Wildlife Trafficking, which, as of this writing, is still awaiting the President’s signature. See more information here.

After reading about this proposed legislation, I couldn’t help but think of the iconic elephants, and how they are subjected to torture and death by insensitive humans who engage in the repulsive ivory trade, which of course is negatively impacting the elephants’ population. (Who is buying ivory nowadays, anyway? Geez! Wake up!) These thoughts prompted me to re-publish an article I wrote back in 2013, devoted to Laurence Anthony and his love of the elephants. Here it is:

The Story of Anthony (1950-2012): Lawrence Anthony is a legend in South Africa, and author of three books including the bestseller, The Elephant Whisperer. Mr. Anthony bravely rescued wildlife and rehabilitated elephants all over the globe, protecting them from human atrocities. His efforts included the courageous rescue of Baghdad Zoo animals during the U.S. invasion in 2003.

On March 7, 2012, Lawrence Anthony died. He is remembered and missed by his wife, two sons, two grandsons, and a countless number of elephants.

Two days after Mr. Anthony’s passing, separate wild herds of elephants led by matriarchs arrived to say goodbye to their beloved “man-friend.” A total of 31 elephants had patiently walked over 112 miles to get to his South African home.

Witnessing this spectacle, people were in awe, not only because of the supreme intelligence and precise timing that these elephants sensed and displayed regarding Mr. Anthony’s passing, but also because of the profound memory and emotion the beloved animals evoked in such an organized way. Walking slowly, for days, they made their way in a solemn one-by-one queue from their habitat to his home.

Mr. Anthony’s wife, Francoise, was especially touched, knowing that elephants had not been to their house prior to that day for well over three years! But yet, the elephants knew where they were, and why. They obviously wanted to pay their deep respect for, and honor, their man-friend who had done so much to save the lives of so many elephants. In tribute, the elephants stayed for two full days and nights, without eating anything – a collective ritual no human can truly explain. Then, having paid homage to their human loved one, the elephants left, and began their long journey back home.

This story always leaves me in tears, for it symbolizes the power of Love in all of God’s creatures. I have known for many years from working with animal communicators how unbelievably communicative elephants can be. And here, in this story, we see testimony to that fact.

It is my belief that, at the time of this marvelous event, Mr. Anthony had looked down from the heavens, smiled, and basked in the glory and respect displayed so magnificently by the magical parade of his beloved elephants!

Which reminds me . . . one of the most significant events of my own life was going to Africa. I urge any of you who have the thought or inclination, to add a visit to Africa to your serious bucket list. If my prompting here succeeds, you will thank me.

On a completely different note . . . Looking forward to sharing love, connections, and Autumn with all of you as I make my way from St. Louis, to Chicago, to California, and beyond! I’m also happy to be returning to the Cape Cod area in MA (details to be announced soon) for another event this fall – I hope to see some of you there, as well!

The Nun and The Priest

Most people who commonly check out my website and know my work; know I travel a great deal.  Since I travel quite a bit I prefer to drive; especially around the Northeast, and quite honestly I love it.  It always clears my mind and I sometimes get to listen to some good discussions and interviews on one of my favorite radio shows, NPR.

I like most people “love” a good love story, of course especially if it is a message or experience about connecting to a love one in spirit or having an ADC ( After-death Communication) experience.

The interview begins with a woman who was a nun for a few years when she was transfer to another parish.  Upon being sent to this parish she was working with the  priest who ran the parish,  within a  couple of years she and he realize a connection.  The connection was instant from the beginning. She and the Priest became instantly connected and fell in love. She knew in her heart that she would have to search her soul to make the decision to leave the church; of which she did.  The Woman and the Priest would meet on the weekends while he was waiting to get permission for them to be together.  After two years of wanting he too was not given permission to be with her, so he too left the priesthood.

They married, a love affair that lasted for 60 years. Nonetheless they still kept their connection with the church. In the interview she shared their deep love and connection that she and the priest had. Then she shares about his illness, taking care of him and how she made sure they recorded their singing together.  He lost his voice from the illness so she wanted to make sure she could still hear his voice after his death.

She then continues to talk about his dying and how she felt closer to him after his death. She would have her daily ritual of 2 O’clock in the afternoon sitting in her favorite chair in the room they loved the most, listen and feel his presence and know that he was there.

She made it very clear in the interview that it didn’t matter to her what people thought of her on-going connection with her husband, who was now dead. Making it plain to listeners that only his body was dead.

It was important for her to share that their relationship was continuing and emphasizing that in many ways, they were closer now than they were when he was in his physical body, knowing that their deep connection continued.

Here I am listening to this woman speak of her love, while I am quite literally on my way to share what I do best, connecting with those, who like her priest, still let us know they are around.  We only have to listen, open our heart and know that love never dies.