The Afterlife with Suzane Northrop TV Show

In 2008, Suzane filmed 10 episodes of her television series,The Afterlife in collaboration Convergent Entertainment and Regent Entertainment. The show was premiered in Canada in September 2008 and in the U.S. in March 2009, and became an instantly acclaimed show.

Working in a studio with small groups of participants who were still trying to deal with grief, The Afterlife showcased Suzane’s extraordinary talents as a medium. The undeniable accuracy of Suzane’s work and the profound emotional responses coming from those she delivered messages to captivated both the hearts and minds of her audiences across both markets.

Networks that aired her show found that new audiences enjoyed it so much that they were more likely to watch all 10 episodes compared to other network programming. They also found The Afterlife even sustained a strong audience during the 2010 Olympics, demonstrating a tremendously loyal and engaged audience base not often seen by most shows.

The Afterlife has consistently received top viewer ratings (both new and repeat viewers) and was recently nominated for an Emmy Award in 2010. The show, now in reruns in both the U.S. and Canada, continues to attract new audiences. Suzane is also in discussion with networks regarding the expansion of the series and possible creation of other shows based on her truly unique and dramatic work.