Private Session

In addition to her many Seminar and Gallery events, Suzane also offers One-on-One Private Sessions for those who wish a more intimate experience. During your Private Session (which typically lasts 60 minutes), you will have a full access to receiving messages from your departed loved ones through Suzane. Of further benefit, Suzane offers Private Sessions both in person or over the phone (whichever is most convenient).

To book your Private Session, please contact Suzane’s office directly by clicking “Book Now” below.

Family/Group Session

A Family/Group Session is similar to a Private Session, but is done in a small group setting (typically 6-8 attendees) and done only with those who are related to each other (such as family, friends, colleagues or otherwise). During the Family/Group Session, each attendee will have the opportunity to receive messages from their “crossed over” loved ones. The Family/Group Session length is approximately 90 minutes depending on the number of departed loved ones and those attending.

To book your Family/Group Session, please contact Suzane’s office directly by clicking “Book Now” below.

NOTE:  Attending Gallery Events is also a great way to receive message from deceased loved ones if you prefer not to do the more intimate Private or Family/Group session.