Spring is Around the Corner!

The most wonderful thing happened just the other day…I heard cardinals singing outside my window!  Now I know it’s supposed to be the groundhog who predicts how long the rest of the winter will last, but he is often wrong.  The cardinals are never wrong!  So cheer up my Winterland friends, because Spring is right around the corner. I hope that this news brings music to your ears, the way the cardinals brought a song of Spring to me.

Although I am chomping at the bit for Spring to arrive, I will share with you that I did very much enjoy my recent trip to Denver.  The people there made me feel so welcome, which in turn helped bring about the many miraculous connections between the Denverites who attended my events, and all their loved ones in Spirit.  It was truly an honor to share such wonderful experiences while in the presence of those majestic Rocky Mountains, whose beauty overtakes you wherever you go.

This Spring, on the vernal equinox, I’ll be in Teotihuacan, Mexico-described by Wikipedia as “an enormous archaeological site in the Basin of Mexico, containing some of the largest pyramidal structures built in the pre-Columbian Americas.”  I’ll be there at the pyramids -to welcome Spring while embarking on a true shamanic journey.  This will be my very first trip to Teotihuacan, and one I’m truly looking forward to.  I’ll be sharing stories from my years of working with clients-allowing attendees to gain a greater understanding of the death process and why our loved ones continue to communicate with us even after their physical death, and in the process bring us the peace of knowing that Love never dies.

I’m often asked, “What if my loved ones spoke another language, will you be able to relay their messages to me?”  The answer is Yes! DP communications come thru the universal language of Love. So I am able to connect with DPs who spoke no English while they were here in the physical.  Sometimes a specific expression or phase may have a meaning that I do not understand but I will pass it along.  The family members and friends here will recognize what their loved ones in Spirit are talking about. And the basic message of Love and connection will come thru loud and clear.

Oh, and let us also not forget that a few days before the vernal equinox, on March 17, everyone becomes Irish.  Join in to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and if the spirit moves you, connect with the faeries and leprechauns, those lively cheerful energies that bring us luck and make us dance and sing. Ah yes, St. Patrick’s Day-a wonderful reason to celebrate, especially in New York City, home of the great St. Paddy’s Day Parade!  Another sure sign of Spring!

Finally, as Spring approaches, don’t forget to mark your calendars to tune into my radio shows.  On Monday March 7 (6 PM Eastern, 3 PM Pacific), my guest will be Dr. Gary Schwartz, the University of Arizona professor with whom I worked as part of “The Afterlife Experiments.”  Also, on Monday Apr 11 (6 PM Eastern, 3 PM Pacific), my guest will be Dr. Judith Orloff, author of the very popular “Emotional Freedom,” which has just come out in paperback. If you can’t be there for the live broadcasts, check out the archives at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/northrop/

That’s all for now!  Take care and be well!

Merry May

Welcome to the merry month of May!  Finally!  As I’ve acknowledged many times, May is my favorite month of the year.  This year probably more so than ever, since Mr. Old Man Winter so stubbornly refused to leave the Northeast, leaving so many of us here in my neck of the woods chilled to the bone by his frosty touch!  I hope it was warmer where you are.

I did manage to escape the Northeast for a little while recently, spending a refreshing week in London where the weather was surprisingly sunny every day.  I was there for all the pre-event celebrations surrounding the royal wedding, although I had to leave before the actually ceremony.  But trust me…those wedding vibes were all around for that entire week, wherever you went.  Energy is like that, emanating from its source and permeating everywhere.

This fairytale wedding seemed to be just what many of us needed-a blast of wonderful, positive, energy.  Thousands came to London just for the event, according to the newspaper reporters I talked to.  This festive occasion was such a welcome relief from all the negative news we are inundated with daily, if not hourly.  Mostly we never hear of all the wonderful things that are going on in the world, or all the wonderful people who are performing good deeds, day in and day out.  But there was no missing the royal wedding!

Before going to England, I had the distinct privilege and honor of working in Den Haag, Holland, which is about forty-five minutes outside of Amsterdam.  The folks there hadn’t been exposed to many American mediums, and none from New York City.  Which helped explain why they were so anxious to witness and understand what we spiritually-minded folks here in the States often take for granted.

The Den Haag audience was comprised of reserved people, who were very polite, and who wholeheartedly embraced me as I connected them to their loved ones in Spirit.  The Dutch, as you may know, speak English for the most part, so I was able to effectively impart a good deal of spiritual information, which they easily grasped and absorbed.  Very wonderful for me to be able to help them make the leap and connection to the Other Side, and have them realize that our loved ones there are always in our hearts, ready to connect with us if and when we remain open.  Indeed, that connection of Love is still the most powerful and wonderful force in the Universe, no matter where you go.

Love can touch everyone, which was reflected during the wedding of Wills and Kate.  The way this magical couple radiated, everyone could feel their love for one another.  Which is akin to what happens in a room when someone is receiving a message from a loved one in Spirit.  You can feel that connection of Love even if the message is not for you-as many have experienced.

Reminder: This Sunday May 8 is  “Mothers Day.”  To all those who care for the world and touch so many lives,  I applaud you!  And that includes not only those women who have children, but all female caretakers of every stripe, everywhere.

I will be doing a Mothers Day tribute event sponsored by WXLO on Friday May 6th in Worcester Massachusetts.  This is my third year and if the first two are any guide, there will be a room full of Love and connection.  If you can’t be there in person, there is the magic of internet streaming-a whole new way we can all be part of the experience of Love. Check out my website (www.SuzaneNorthrop.com) for the details and then please tune in and share in the celebration of “mothers” everywhere-on this plane and in Spirit.

So…Happy Month of May.  Get outside and smell the flowers.  Spring is here, finally!  Take a walk in the woods, by the sea, or in a park.  Experience Nature, another form of Love that can open your mind and heart.

The Voice of Spring

I spoke too fast in my last blog when I expressed hopes of Spring arriving here in March.  I guess instead of going out like a lamb, March has invited Winter to hang around a little longer.  Consider it a reminder that in life, things will happen in their own way and time, regardless of how we try to rush the process.  Even the crocuses who are trying to show their little heads will, like the rest of us, have to go with the rhythm of when Spring 2011 actually does intend to get here.

I like many of you have been sending out positive thoughts and prayers to Japan for that country’s very painful process of rebuilding.  In a way, the tragedy there reminds me of living in NYC in September 2001 and going through 9/11-seeing my beautiful city attacked, resulting in all that loss of life, pain, and suffering.  Totally surreal. Like so many New Yorkers, I know first hand the kind of impact a shocking event like that can create, and that prayers are so important-for those giving and receiving.

Masaru Emoto’s messages of prayer could be just what is needed in his country now.  As many of you know, and as Wikipedia explains, Masaru Emoto is a Japanese author known for his view that if human speech or thoughts are directed at water droplets before they are frozen, images of the resulting water crystals will be “beautiful” or “ugly” depending upon whether the words or thoughts were positive or negative. Emoto says that this effect can be achieved through prayer, music, or by attaching written words to a container of water.  A wonderful metaphor and evidence on the value of staying positive.  And of course, the Japanese will find comfort in their Buddhist traditions during this great time of spiritual as well as physical need.  Please keep the people of Japan in your thoughts and prayers in the weeks and months ahead.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, I had the privilege and honor of speaking in Mexico at the pyramids at Teotihuacan on the March 20 Vernal Equinox.  I had heard that this event was of importance in Mexico, but did not realize that it was such an intensely celebrated holiday.  I was honored and humbled by how the people there embraced me during my stay, and constantly reminded that “El amor nunca muere,” or “Love never dies.”

So as we wait for that voice of Spring to be heard, remember that no matter what is going on in the world, we can always send out our thoughts of Love.  Never doubt that those precious thoughts can and will-like air-travel around the world.


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s wishing you much Love!

Love of course is not an event to be celebrated but one day a year.  Love is meant to be the most important aspect of all our lives.  But it is very nice to have a special day set aside to celebrate the most powerful force in the Universe.

As you may well know, the history of Valentine’s Day dates back to the year 500.  Since then there have been countless books, poems and essays written about this day of Love.  Not to mention all the movies and TV shows featuring Valentine’s Day as a theme! And not just in America.  People from all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day each February 14th.

February of course is also “Heart Month,”  which was created to remind people to eat right and exercise, and take care of your physical heart.  Lately, as I have known from all my years of work, it has been scientifically proven that we can and do die of broken hearts. So do remember to take care of your heart–not only physically but emotionally as well.

And fear death not, because Love never dies!  Memories of Love exist and hold in our hearts, minds, and souls forever….and yes we shall be forever connected by Love.

As expressed in the “Selected Mystical Writings of William Law,” circa 1948: “When love is the spirit of your life, it will have the freedom and universality of a spirit; it will always live and work in love, not because of this or that, here or there, but because the spirit of love can only love, where ever it is or goes, or whatever is done to it.  As the spark knows no motion but that of flying upwards, whether it be in the darkness of night, or in the light of day, so the spirit of love is always in the same course; it knows no difference of time, place or person; but whether it gives or forgives, bears or forebears, it is equally doing its own delightful work, equally blessed from itself.”

Breathe in all the Love you want and deserve this Valentine’s Day, and everyday, forever more.


We enter our second month of the New Year, February of course generally thought to be the month of Love due to the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

While the history of St. Valentine is of some mystery, he is said to have been sent to prison and killed for performing marriage ceremonies. For this and other reasons, he is accepted as the patron saint of Love. Read about him very interesting!

We know of course that the Love associated with February 14th is usually romantic love. However, as we also know, there are many kinds of love. Mothers and fathers and grandparents give Valentine cards to their children and grandchildren, for example, as a token of their Love.

“What is Love?” has been the subject of countless poems and writings, but however you describe it, Love is clearly the most powerful force in the universe. Love provides our deepest and most profound connection to the greater whole the God-consciousness, if you will that connects all of us.