Suzane Northrop is a nationally recognized trance medium and expert in psychic phenomena.

Suzane Northrop is a nationally recognized trance medium and expert in psychic phenomena. Join her mailing list to stay up to date on appearances near you.

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Suzane has authored three books available for purchase: Second Chance: Healing Messages from the Afterlife, Everything Happens for a Reason, and A Medium's Cookbook: Recipes for the Soul.

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Suzane makes regular appearances around the US doing gallery readings, small group readings, private readings, workshops, radio and TV appearances. Check her schedule for a date near you.

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Suzane is also the host of The Suzane Northrop Show on Talk Radio, and was featured on the Emmy-Nominated series, The Afterlife. Enjoy these pre-recorded sessions and shows.

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Suzane also offers One-on-One Private Sessions for those who wish a more intimate experience. Suzane offers Private Sessions both in person or over the phone (whichever is most convenient).

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Navigating Changes

September — the month when so many parents are beyond thrilled that their kids are going back to school. Meanwhile, most kids aren’t too happy about the end of Summer. Several times this August, I heard people say that Summer is the shortest season, which of course it isn’t, it

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Finding Balance Between Work and Play

For those of you who may be wondering, Mercury is on track (as of this writing) to go “direct” as of August 2nd. So welcome to August, and farewell to Mercury in retrograde. Of course, August is the month when so many Leo’s like to spread their wings! For August

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Fireflies and the Fourth of July

Happy July! The Summer Solstice, on June 21 — the longest day of the year — is behind us. It’s now officially Summer. Aside from the calendar, I could still tell that it was summer in NY since I got to sit on my porch and watch the amazing fireflies!

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Honoring the Caretakers

Happy June! The flowers are blooming, high school and college students are graduating and going to proms, other kids are taking a breather, and of course {{{{{drum roll}}}}} Father’s Day on the 16th! Oh, and lest we forget, the Summer Solstice arrives on June 21st, the official beginning of Summer.

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The History and Traditions Behind Mother’s Day

Happy Month of May! May is probably my favorite month, not only because of my birthday, but, as the expression goes, April showers bring May flowers. And lots of green. And, of course, Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day brings up many emotions, for so many people. Depending on the situation, of

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